I Feel Awesome

I've been completely OP for 9 days so far, and I feel awesome about it.  I've tracked everything, gotten in APs and only used APs and WPs for healthy items.  I have splurged on some chocolate, but I've worked it in to the points.  I'm definitely feel much better since I've been totally recommitted to this journey. 

I got my first auto loan statement in the mail.  Makes me kinda sad, hah.  I want to be able to pay it online, because you just never know with USPS if it will make it to the destination.  But I have to actually open a checking account that my loan is financed with to be able to do that.  Fine I'll do it and just transfer money over each month to pay it, but it would help if the link worked to open an account online!  (end vent)

DCA entries are made!  Entries are made for a show in MD the weekend before--Blake is going to need some practice!  We're going to a show for exposure next weekend.  My worry is that he will kiss someone and jump on them to death.  I have no fear that he will back away from anything.

I wish I would hear about the job in NC that I interviewed for.  I'm so impatient, but I keep forgetting it has only been a little over 2 weeks since my interview.  I've already followed up and was told that they had more interviews scheduled, and they would be in contact.  I just don't want to fall off of the map for this one! 

Ugh, I don't want to do work today, but I guess I should...

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  1. Ugh! I HATE the waiting game with jobs! I applied for one in Christiansburg & wish they would call me for an interview. I'm going insane!