Scale Tales Monday

Today's WI: -1.8 (256.4)

Jan 30th: 258.6
Feb 27th: 256.4
Month of February: -2.2

YTD loss: -3.8

After last weeks massive gain, I was glad to see a solid loss this week.  YTD isn't too bad either, considering everything.  My goal is to make March an even better month than February was!



So, I've never done a political post on here before.  But this is driving me up the freaking wall.

First you have Rick Santorum going around wanting to make birth control illegal.  Add that to his recent statments regarding abortions (they also should be illegal), no more pre-natal care and state and federal government shouldn't be contributing to the funding of public schools.  Are you fucking kidding me?  He basically wants woment barefoot and popping out babies, while homeschooling or paying to send their children to private schools.  If I were raped tomorrow and got pregnant, I'd have an abortion.  I want my future child(ren) to be with my future husband, not some idiot on the streets.  I'm on birth control currently for medical reasons, in addition to preventing pregnancy. Women, especially over 35-40, who get pregnant are at a higher risk for having problems with their pregnancies and having children with birth defects.  Pre-natal tests can tell those ahead of time and save the mother and baby.  A lot of times birth defects can be fixed before the baby is even born, and he wants to take away that care for women?  How is that even possible.  And I went to public schools, and I think I turned out fine. 

Now move to the VA state government.  Our wonderful republican run government is trying to pass two bills.  First the personhood bill (which actually just passed the state senate this morning).  It states that a fetus is a human at the time of conception, and if it is aborted for any reason, it is murder or manslaughter, and you will be charged with a crime.  Really?  Does this mean that if I conceive on December 29th of any given year, I get to claim that "human" on my taxes as a dependent?  Didn't think so.

Bill number two states that women have to have ultrasounds before having an abortion, and must wait 24 hours after that to actually have the abortion.  This is a revised bill that has passed the house of delegates (yesterday).  The original bill stated that the ultrasound had to be transvaginal, and it was MANDATORY.  My mom had one of those ultrasounds before her hysterectomy about 10 years ago, and she had to sign a consent form, because it can tear tissue and can be harmful.  But our considerate, republican MEN in the VA state government can force me to do that?  And with the 24 hour wait--Women who have miscarriages sometimes need to basically have an abortion because their bodies don't clean themselves out fully.  So if I got pregnant, had a miscarriage in 2 months, and my body didn't clean itself fully, I'd have to wait 24 hours to have a doctor do it.  Do they not realize that having the waste (which is mainly blood at that point) isn't healthy to the bodies of women?  It can be fatal!! 

Yes, I am socially liberal.  But this is more than politics, this is about basic women rights.  If it were up to the republican men in this country, women would be stay at home moms, popping out babies and probably couldn't vote.  This wouldn't even be a topic if it men could conceive and have babies.  I love babies, but no man is going to tell me what I can or cannot do with my body, especially if my health or my baby's health, is at stake.


Scale Tales Monday, er, Tuesday

So I had yesterday off, and I just didn't think about weighing myself until I had already eaten breakfast.  So I did it this morning instead.

This week: 258.2 (+4.8)

Massive gain.  I was expecting a gain, maybe not that big, but I can't really say I'm surprised.  I was horrible last week.  I didn't track at all, and I binged a couple times.  The worst was Friday.  I wasn't hungry, but I couldn't stop myself from eating and snacking.  I got physically ill afterwards.  Well, it actually started before I finally made myself stop eating, but even with a horrible stomach ache, I couldn't make myself stop.  This was the first time that happened in a really long time.  I actually can't remember the last time it was this bad. 

I need to work on my relationship with food, because I know it isn't a good one.  I've known that for a long time.  But I've never really admitted it before.  I'm going to research books, and hopefully figure out a way to work through this on my own.  But if I can't, I'm not opposed to OA or therapy.

First step, having a planned menu.
Today looks like this:
B: 2 medium eggs, slice of provolone, english muffin, orange juice
L: salad with hard boiled egg, slice of deli ham, ranch and lots of veggies, pack of skinny cow candy for dessert
D: potato casserole with sausage
S: apple, banana, orance, chobani, sugar free jello (doubt I'll need them all, but I like to be prepared)


Ah, Concerts

Concerts are my favorite thing, seriously.  I absolutely love them, and if I had a better job, I'd be seeing a lot more.  Blake Shelton and Justin Moore were absolutely wonderful!  I am so glad I decided to buy the tickets.  We were on row 20, but there was a catwalk, and when they came out on it, we were 5 or so rows back, so we got some really good views. 

By the way, Blake's eyes are just as blue in person :)  And Justin Moore dips, thanks to seeing the can in his back pocket :)

First, Justin Moore

Blake Shelton

Blake and Dia Frampton, from The Voice last season.  She's really good!

And Blake and Justin


Bad Week

I've been horrible this week, food wise.  It's consisted of a lot of mindless eating, and a couple of small binges.  I know WI on Monday won't be nice to me.

I'm posting this to stay accountable for my horrible week.  I'm not going to let it turn into 2 horrible weeks. 

I'm going to try to make this weekend as good as a I am able to.  I am going to see Blake Shelton tomorrow night, and meeting a friend for lunch on Sunday, but that doesn't give me the excuse to shovel food into my face.

Be on the lookout for Blake pictures next week!!


Scale Tales Monday

Last Week: 257.6
This Week: 253.4
Loss: -4.2
YTD Loss: -6.8

Bam. I knew I did pretty good this week, but didn't realize it was that good!  A very good start to my week!


Credit Cards

I'm proud to announce, I am finally credit card debt free for the first time since I went to college!  Now I just have student loans and my car payment, but I knew I didn't want to enter married life with credit card debt.  I'll still use my cards, but just for stuff like gas and groceries, that I know I can pay that month.  Anything that I want will just have to wait until I have cash. 

Now onto more wedding planning!  And none of it is going to be paid for with a credit card!


Scale Tales Monday

Today's WI: -1 (257.6)
Year-To-Date: -2.6

Nothing huge, but it's a negative number for the year so far.  I'd love to hit -5 for this month, and every month until the wedding.  Usually I don't do number goals, but I'm going to give it a shot.  If it gets to be a horrible decision, I'll revise.  But that is my goal.


The place!

I found the venue of my dreams!  These pictures don't really do justice (stupid cell phone), but it is gorgeous and affordable. And the owners are super nice!

Gazebo and pond.  In the spring, I'm going to have some of our engagement pictures done utilizing this spot!

The "tree house".  Can be used for the bride or groom to get ready beforehand.

Inside the barn will be the reception.

The pavilion, where the ceremony will be, with a view!  It will be perfect in October with all of the fall colors!

Sample table set-up.  The venue provides all of the dishes, glasses, tablecloths.

The walkway (looking from the pavilion).

Another view of inside the barn

I'm super excited about it!!  Now I can actually start planning!


Doctor Appointment Update

So I went this morning, of course it wasn't much fun, it is the Gyno afterall.  But a must every year. 

He is switching my pill, and hopefully that will fix the issues I've been having the last few months.  If it doesn't in 2-3 months, he'll have to run tests and do ultrasounds.  The new pill will work.

My blood pressure was really good 118/78, which is the best it's been the last few years.  +1 for me!  Even if the scale isn't moving much, my overall health is improving, so that is a huge victory.

And when he was feeling my stomach, he randomly asks if I've been working out.  I'm so taking that as he felt some muscle somewhere under there!  +1 for me, again! haha

Now to get some work done....I'm so glad it's Friday!


PB2 Review

I got home to this package waiting for me on Saturday! I ordered two of the regular and one chocolate. (sorry for the crappy phone pictures)

Look how simple the ingredients are!  Roasted Peanuts, Sugar and Salt. That's it!

Nutritional values are pretty awesome too! For two tablespoons: fat:1.5g, carbs: 5 g, fiber 2 g, protein: 5 g =1 WW pp compared to 5 pp's in 2 tablespoons of regular peanut butter.

Now for my official review: I love it.  It tastes like a peanuts. Pure and simple.  It will now be a staple for my peanut butter lovin' self!