Living Room Remodel

In just three short weeks the living room remodel is OVER!  Now I will take you through the last 3 weeks, with before, during and after pictures.

It was a horrible redish color, and it had panel on the bottom to look like wainscoting...thankfully that is no longer!


Now this was a disgusting mess.  We gutted the entire room all the way to the studs in the wall. It was very messy, and hard work, considering they were old plaster walls, which didn't want to leave the house so easily!


I'm in love with it.  New floors, new walls, all new furniture (minus the tv), new fireplace, new accessories new front door.  This room has new everything!  I think it looks classy.  The walls are a gray-blue-ish color.  My favorite part is probably the floors.  They are laminate wood, but you wouldn't know it from looking at it!  Now the only thing left is to get pictures on the walls!

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