Bad Days

On days like this I wish Marlin, my dog that past away a few years ago, was alive. He could comfort me like no one else could without me having to tell someone what was going on.


Scale Tales

-0.4 this week.  I was hoping for a little more (but who doesn't).  This was my 5th weight in at meetings, and I'm down 4 total. I've had one week where I gained (pms week), but I have noticed that meetings really are helping me.  I don't like having someone else actually see that I gain.  I've been much more consistent this time around, and that makes me very happy.

My mom got a stationary bike on Sunday, so I'm going to start using it tonight.  I won't have my meeting next week, due to the holiday, but week after next I will surpass 1 pound, and get my first 5 pound star!  I will do this!



Co-worker: How do I know which form is for a qualified account, versus a non-qualified account?
Me: The one that says IRA is qualified (said while trying not to laugh at her).

This is a woman that is licensed, which means she should know more than me about this crap.  It is very sad to see the lack of common sense that surrounds this office.



Today at the dog show I got a big surprise. Back at the beginning of the year, one of my dear friends was having a litter of Dalmatian puppies and offered me a show puppy. I passed at the time because of the wedding and we just had our whippet litter.

Well she was at the show today and still had the puppy she was originally wanting me to get. I'm pretty sure it was fate. With Marin sick and probably not going to be around much longer, I'm sure it was meant to be that we would both be at the same show. Not that he would replace her, but Dals are my heart breed. So he is now mine. He is mellow and laid back and loves everyone.



Changes are coming!  I've decided to go back to school for a 2nd B.S. degree, this time in Business Administration.  Best part of all, I'll be going through it with my friend Jordan!

If you've been a reader for any length of time, you know that I'm very unhappy with my current job.  I've been applying everywhere and looking fairly actively, and have gotten no where.  The idea to go back to school has been with me for a couple of months.  My degree is very specialized, but I don't want to be a financial advisor, and that is basically the only career path I can take with opportunities for advancement.  And I can't do this job forever.  I want to feel competitive in the job market, and right now I don't. 

I'll start orientation next month, then actual classes in August. I'm actually really excited about it.  I honestly never saw me going back to school, but here I am.  Another plus is that it is an accelerated program for working adults, so just one class at a time. No semesters. And I'll be finished in about a year and a half, again not shabby. I'll still continue my job search, but this will be on my resume, so I see it helping some. 

Who knows, I may ever decide I want my MBA after this....


Scale Tales

So, I maintained this week. But after a couple fast food meals and a couple small binges, I will take it! I did get in some activity via my dog show this weekend.

All in all, not a bad week.


Learning Lessons

So, Tuesday after work I had to stop and grab a few things from the grocery store. But I went when I was feeling snacky and hungry.  Bad idea.  I ended up buying a bag of doritos (which I love and could eat a bag at once probably). I ate probably 3 servings while watching a little tv that night.  Which isn't the end of the world.  The problem being, I've been snacky ever since. Yesterday I couldn't get enough salty goodness in my mouth.

So today, I have healthy snacks, some fruits and veggies and a nice filling lunch with me.  Today won't be like yesterday was!  I'll turn this week around and end it on a good note!

A couple weeks ago my leader handed out some little slips of paper that said: "Remember, It's not how hard I fall....It's how high I bounce." I took a couple of them.  I just remembered this morning they were in my purse. One is now taped to my work computer screen, and I'm going to put the other one either in my car or somewhere at home.  This is a lifelong journey that I am tackling, not a month or even a year long one.  I'll have my ups and downs, I just have to remember that the downs don't define me, the ups do!


Scale Tales

-2.6 this week!  Super excited right now. I worked hard this week.  I tracked all 7 days this week and I got in 12 AP's and totally deserved my big loss!  Now to keep this up!

Engagement Pictures!

Enjoy!  We had a blast.  My dad does photography on the side, so he graciously did them for us (beats paying a photographer!)



So, I'm staying at Clayton's tonight, and he works 5p-2a, so I'm here alone.  I figured that I have absolutely no excuse not to get in some activity, so this morning I packed my tennis shoes, some workout attire and a DVD (BL Power Walk).  And I did it!  Only 20 minutes, but I burned a little over 200 calories.  This was the first activity points I'd gotten since February (I know, I know).  But I'm starting May off right!

Clayton also got some brownie points today.  He had flowers delivered to work for our anniversary.  So, I have him some brownies baking in the oven, and yes, I'll have one, and maybe take one for a desert tomorrow, but the rest is staying here!  Hopefully he'll have them gone by Saturday when I'm back down! 

Now off to watch the Biggest Loser Finale!

1 year later

One year ago today, I went on a blind date with Clayton.  I had met a few losers guys from online previously, but most didn't go past 2 dates tops.  I knew immediately that something about this guy was different.  Our lunch turned into a 6ish hour date.  We never ran out of things to talk about.  Two weeks later, I predicted on this very blog that he'd be the guy I married.

The last year has been absolutely amazing.  I never would have guessed that I'd be engaged and getting married this fall. I was job searching all over the country trying to find my perfect job, because honestly, and not to sound snobbish, most guys around here are low-lifes.  I found one that wasn't.  I was willing to have to find a job around here to stay with him.  He's worth that to me.  I'm still very independent and career-minded, but now I have someone to come home to and a future with someone to look forward to.  I'm still looking for a job that more fits me, and possibly going back to school.  He gives me support that I need when I have a rough day at work, and I like to think I do the same for him.

It still amazes me that I'm going to marry him in five and a half months. Craziness!

Now back to doing some work before my follow-up with the oral surgeon this afternoon. At least I get to sneak out of work early!