I'm impatient

I hate having an interview and then having to play the waiting game.  I get so anxious and impatient.  I know I'll hear something eventually, but until then I'm waiting....

This was a very emotional week.  I had to work on Marlin's top stud dog ad for the Spotter.  For those that don't know, Marlin was the dog that was my best friend.  We had some very nice wins in the show ring, but his place in the Dal world was as a stud dog.  He has 23 champions so far, multiple best in show winners and specialty winners.  Sadly, we lost him a year and a half ago to renal failure.  It was devastating because he was really my best friend.  He slept with me every night. And he was only 5 years old.  But in 2010, he had 8 puppies finish making him the Top Stud Dog, so I put together an ad to recognize his accomplishment.  The ad was designed by my very good friend, Jess MacMillan (who also designed his memorial ad after his passing).  He is still having such an impact on the breed, even though he isn't here anymore.  It is definitely bittersweet.

I am proud to say I have been completely OP this week and have tracked everything!  Which is really good for me, typically I don't track anything on the weekends, just because I don't feel like it.  So far I've tracked out my entire weekend, and I plan to stick to it!  Hopefully WI on Monday will show my efforts!! 

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