Thirty-One Thermal Tote Giveaway!

I wanted to post this here in case there are people that missed the new blog announcement.

I'm doing a thermal tote giveaway on the new blog with a thirty-one representative!

Go to the new blog for details!




Just a reminder to go check out the new blog design and layout! I'm in love and I think you will be too!



New Blog Address!!

The new blog is now


Add it to your readers or whatever tool you use to keep up with your blogs.

I'll keep this one up for a couple of weeks with occasional reminders to switch to the new address before I delete it.

Thanks for hanging with me and following the blog!

The blog is moving!

Something happened to my domain address, and it was deleted from blogger (yay for technology), and now blogger says it can't identify me as the owner, so I'm working on moving the blog to a new domain and it will be on wordpress.

Hopefully this doesn't take too long. I'll keep up this blogspot address (heathersjourneythroughlife.blogspot.com) going until I can get it going again.

First MBA Class=Done!

Last night I submitted my final paper for my first class making me officially done! I purposefully finished early because Marketing starts on Monday and from the look of things, it isn't going to be an easy 6 weeks! My only complaint with my program is that I wish there was a week break between classes. Oh and I wish there were more tests and less papers. But I must get use to cranking out papers. For Marketing there is a 2-3 page paper due most weeks.

Tonight is my rest night, so I'm going to use that time to start reading and really look into the assignments for week one. The faster I can get started, the better.


The Blog is on Facebook!

I had been contemplating a facebook page for the blog, and this morning I decided to do it! 


Go like it! Right now it is just my sisters, mom and one friend (hi Jordan!).

My older sister didn't know about the blog. My younger sister is a committed reader-usually she has read a post before I tell her there is a new one and my mom has read it occasionally.

The support I've gotten just from my oldest sister today has been overwhelming. Maybe I just need more real life support? My mom sent me a text after liking the page and it said "You can do this, Heather".  I have ton's of support from the WW boards, but maybe I need the people around me routinely to know that I'm on this journey? I can't decide if I want to share it on my personal facebook or not. I would say 75% of me does, but the other 25% is having self-esteem issues. I don't like failing and I don't like people seeing me fail. I think that is what is stopping me. But what if the support from "real life" people is what I need? I can't decide. I think I'm going to give it a few days to brew.

But for real, go like the page!

Scale Tales

Current: 264.2
Previous: 263.6
Difference: +0.6

I'm ok with it. I indulged a lot over the holiday weekend, but I am back on track now. I got in a solid workout last night and I am planning another for tonight.  I'm not going to let it get me down. I refuse to wait to get back on track in January when the rest of the world does. I am doing this now! I am not going to maintain or gain my way through the holidays. I'm going to make the next month really count and begin 2013 lower than I was at the beginning of 2012 (around 260). I'm going to start being more honest and accountable with myself every.single.day!