Another Year

Is gone.  I had a great birthday weekend, and I didn't over indulge in sweets! 

I've made a promise to myself that this will be my year, especially for my WLJ.  I know it is just going to be harder to lose the weight as I get older, so I need to do it now. 

My best birthday present was probably an unofficial job offer last Thursday.  The official one will come after my background check, credit check and drug tests are completed (none of which I have a problem with). After actively looking for something else since April 2010, it is a huge relief.  And I'm excited beyond words.  But I guess things could still go wrong, so I'm not showing my excitement until I get an official offer in my hands. 

Clayton met my family this weekend.  We had a cookout at my house for my birthday, so he met my younger sister, her boyfriend, mom, and my grandparents.  Sadly, my dad had to work last minute, so he hasn't met him yet.  But they all loved him.  My papaw never talks to anyone, but he and Clayton seriously had like a 30 minute conversation, that that is huge right there.  Family means a lot to both of us, so it was good that he fit in and everyone likes everyone.  I mean I wouldn't leave him because they didn't like him, or vice versa, but it makes it a lot easier. 

It still is so hard to believe that we've already started talking about the future. I mean I did make it public that he was "the one" after our second date and I still fully believe that.  It is just hard to believe how fast we've progressed. 

Now back to work.  Lots to get done in 3 days before my 5 day weekend!


Ahh, Good Things Seem To Be Happening

All around!

Firstly, I had interview number 2 with company XYZ on Friday.  It went exceptionally well.  And there is a new opening that they are going to fill too, so I have a chance at being 2 hired out of 3 applicants.  So the odds are pretty good.  I have interview number 3 (at the branch with the new opening) tomorrow.  So I figure I have a good shot after meeting with the district manager to have to go back and have one with the branch where the new opening is.  I'm excited, but still trying to not get my hopes up.  The salary is about 6500 more than I make now, plus full benefits.  Where I have nothing other than vacation time here. 

Secondly, I met Clayton's son on Saturday for the first time.  He is such an adorable little boy.  He took right up with me about 5 minutes after he woke up from his nap.  He was bringing me all of his toys so I could play with him.  He likes to be chased, so I was chasing him all around the house (maybe this is what I need to help my WLJ along??).  We ended up going to his mom's house, so I was nervous, because I knew she'd be watching to see how I interacted with him.  But I think I passed :)  I can't wait to spend more time with him!  And seeing how Clayton interacted with him made me love him even more.  He really is a great father!  And he told me after I left that I was the first person that he's ever let meet him, so knowing that was huge.  I know he's the one (I have for awhile), but even moreso now!  I just can't describe in words how I feel with him. 

He's meeting my parents, younger sister and grandparents on Saturday.  I'm really excited for my family to finally get to see what all my fuss is about!  And I know they are going to love him.  My parents keep saying they don't want me hurt, but I know that after they see us together their fears will subside! 


Fresh Start

I know I said last week I was "starting over", and I did do ok.  I tracked a few days (more than I had in the past couple of months.  But I still didn't do well enough.  I had a small loss of .6, which I'm NOT complaining about, because it was a move in the right direction. 

A fellow boardie wrote on the boards yesterday, after someone asked how others have regained motivation after a hiatus.  I was bored at work, and basically reading every thread, so I stumbled on it and it was exactly what I needed to hear, and I didn't realize I was looking for it.  It was a repeat from a different boardie but the gist is "you can't expect to always be motivated. Life doesn't work that way. You have a choice: make your WLJ a priority, or don't. If you make it a priority then you have to just do it, even when you don't want to. Even when exercise doesn't sound like fun. Even when you are sick and tired of tracking what you eat. You just have to do it."  I know I have to just get over it, and keep going.

I have decided that I'm going to buy a bike.  I haven't owned one since I was a kid, so if you have any advice, please tell me!!  I need something that is more "fun" to keep me motivated.  I go through stages where I love going to the gym, then I hate it and don't go anymore. 

So this is my real fresh start.  My goal this week is to track what goes into my mouth, whether I go into the red or not, or use all of my WPs or not.  I need to get a hold on that first.  I've decided I'm basically starting over today.  I haven't decided if I want to erase my previous weights or not, but I may so I have a complete new start.  Then when I look back, I'll always know in my head that I screwed around for a few months, but hopefully having this fresh start will show real progress from this point forward.  I did do my measurements this morning too, so I'm really starting "fresh". 


Must Get Back On Track!!

I've been a huge WW failure the last couple of months.  Playing around with the same 3 pounds.  But I know I've been cheating, in more ways that one.  When I weighed this morning, I had a small epiphany or one of those Aha moments.  The only way I'm going to be able to succeed in my WLJ is to give 150%, not 50%.  I haven't tracked in about 2 weeks.  I tracked this morning!  Step number one, done!  I've realized I just have to give 100% one day at a time, and I'll be able to do it.

And on to good news.  Things with Clayton are completely amazing.  I have never felt like this about anyone.  Being with him shows me that "true" love is something that is so real.  Sure I've loved before, but nothing like this.  And it happened so fast!  But I always heard that I would know when I found the right person, and I know with him.  I've never pictured the future so much in my entire life.  I've never cried because I was so happy to be with someone before, until now.  We work opposite schedules basically, so we started this thing where he will send me a text before he goes to bed at like 4 am (he works until 2 am) and then I'll call him when I get up and leave him a message when I know he's sleeping.  I got teary leaving him his message this morning.  He's just so incredibly amazing. 

I met his mom last weekend, and I fell in love with her too.  The plan is to meet his son in a week and a half, so that makes me nervous, but I'm excited.  I think just knowing the trust he's putting into me to meet his son makes me love him even more, because I know that is a huge step.  For my birthday in a few weeks, I planned a small family cookout with my sister, parents and grandparents.  He's coming so he gets to meet them all at once.  Hopefully they won't gang up on him too much.

I'm still going with my prediction from date number 2 (which you can read the breakdown of here) that he will be the person I marry. 

Now back to work and concentration on staying OP today and tracking everything!