Midday activity

Good part about being in the office alone is that I don't have anyone looking over my shoulder.

For instance, I just decided I needed a short break, so I got my heartrate up.
50 jumping jacks
10 squats
20 second wall squat
10 second plank (who knew they were so hard!!)

Gives me a jumpstart on some activity for the day, and my plan is to do a DVD tonight.

Scale Tales Monday

+1.8 (258.6)
Total for January -1.6

Overall I had a loss this month.  This past week was rough to say the least.  I've been having some lady issues, and this week was really bad. 

But I have a doctor's appointment for my yearly on Friday, so hopefully he can figure out what the hell is going on with my body.  Although the number on the scale is more than it was this time last year, and I'm sure he'll notice...

I'm not going to let that number get me down.  This week will be better.



So I've been hearing about everyone loving PB2, so I decided to order some to give it a try. 

I used iherb.com, and since I was a first time customer, I got $5 off my order. 

I also have this code: OPO987  to share with you all.  If you order something from them, you will get $5 off as a first time customer. 

After it comes in the mail, I'll definitely give a review of it!


I'm not going to give up.

I've had a couple off days this week.  I've been a complete chocoholic this week, and can't tell you how many mini candies I've eaten.

When I leave work in 15 mins, I'm stopping by the dumpster in our parking lot and throwing them away. I don't need them and I'm not sure why I bought them. 

I haven't been active this week thus far either. I'm going to change that tonight and at least do a DVD.  I also called the YMCA in town to see if my parents membership was still active (I'm still on it, and my dad's company pays the membership fees), and it is. So I'm going to start utilizing it again. 

I refuse to let a few bad days get in my way this time.


A Huge Relief

One of my friends, who is also getting married this fall (but has chosen to do so on her farm) sent me a link to a farm she had considered for her wedding. 


The price is about 1/4 of previous quotes I had gotten at only $450 for 26-50 guests (we are planning for probably 40 or so). 

You have no idea how happy that makes me.  An email has already been sent to them for more information.

Scale Tales Monday

Last week: 257.4
This week: 256.8
Lost: 0.6
Total since recommitting: -3.4!

For the first time in as long as I can remember, I've consistently lost all month.  Definitely gives me hope that this time I will conquer this and be fully successful.

After yesterday, I have successfully tracked every single bite for 3 straight weeks.  That is unheard of, but I did it.  Which also helps prove to myself that if I put my mind to it, I can do it.  Today I'm going to work on another 3 week challenge for myself (while still tracking).  I'm thinking workout related. While I've been more active than usual, it still isn't where I want to be (I earned 8 APs last week, and want to push for 15 or so for a week to begin with). So I'm leaning towards some kind of workout challenge for myself.

Today's menu looks like this

B: 1 egg cooked in EVOO, 1 mini bagel, slice of provolone and 1/2 tsp of sugar free blackberry jam.
L: Big salad with leftover steak from last night, 2 tbsp of ranch
D: Meatloaf with some veggies
S: banana, grapes, orange, pear, chobani apple cinnamon greek yogurt and sugar free chocolate pudding.



Photographer has been picked!
Date is set!
Now for hoping I hear good news from my pick venue tomorrow!

I'm definitely in a better mood that I was on Tuesday!

Night all :)


Funk Yesterday

So I was in a ginormous funk yesterday, and I apologize for that really long, sad post yesterday.  Granted it wasn't really sad, just funk-y?  I was horrible yesterday, and so emotional and on the verge of tears all day.  Ya know that lump in your throat you get if you're about to cry, but trying not to?  I had it all.day.long.

But today, I'm better.  I did create a budget last night.  First thing is to pay off my credit card, which I will do with part of my tax refund.  The rest of it will go into savings.  Then everything I've been paying on my credit card (400-500/mo) will go into savings. 

I definitely blew the wedding cost thing out of proportion yesterday (I apologize again, haha).  If I can get $450 (at least) into savings every month, starting in February, then by October (hopeful wedding date is the 13th) I'll have $3,600 (not including what is there now and the tax refund).  The two big purchases on my shoulder will be venue and photographer.  I already knew this wedding wasn't going to be out of the water expensive, and now I've become comfortable splurging a little for my big day.  Whew.  I feel better :)  If anyone in the area has photographer recommendations, send 'em my way!

In other news, Sunday will mark 3 full weeks of tracking!  They say it takes 21 days to make a habit, so hopefully it's a good sign!  This weekend I'll come up with another mini goal to concentrate on for 3 weeks.  Probably exercise related, but I'm not sure yet.

Now to make myself do some work.  It's so hard staying motivated when you don't like your job...


Wedding Planning

Seriously, what did I get myself into?  And I'm only half kidding.  I want to be married to my best friend more than anything, but I also want a really nice wedding to enjoy with my friends and family that isn't going to hurt financially (since I'm paying for it).  Nothing big (looking at less than 50 guests), but nice.

I've spent the last couple weeks looking into venues for the ceremony/reception and photographers, mainly.  I'm not so religious, so I really don't want a church ceremony.  Don't get me wrong, I have my beliefs, but have never really been apart of organized religion. 

Here is my want list
-outdoor ceremony with really nice views for really nice pictures
-the theme in my head is country/rustic chic
-I picture my guests drinking lemonade and tea out of mason jars (or having mason jars as part of the decor)
-a really good photographer. I want to be able to have pictures around our home and be able to remember the day for years and years to come.

Now I've gotten quotes from 4-5 venues that would hold the ceremony and reception.  The smallest quote I've gotten is $1695 (without catering included).  I mean, since it is going to be a fairly small, intimate gathering, I, along with mom and nana, could easily cater it ourselves (would be more like heavy hor'dourves-I'm thinking probably a 2pm ceremony and I'd list that it would be hor'dourves on the invitation, so no one would expect a 4 course meal).  I actually picked that place before I was engaged because 1. it is a farm, so I'd get my country/rustic feel. 2. my reception would be in a barn. 3. the views are amazing.

I haven't emailed any photographers in the area, just getting a feel for average prices online, and for the ones that have a decent amount of samples online, I'm looking at probably $1500-$2000.  A photographer is something I WILL splurge on.  Other than memories, that is the only way I'll be able to relive the day.

Then of course is the other things
-you get my point.

And then of course, a honeymoon.

I mean, I'll do a lot myself in the way of decor for the reception.  I'm feeling I wouldn't need much for the ceremony, because I want something that has a natural beauty to it anyway. 

Now for the delimma, money.  My mom has said they will pay for my dress, so that is one thing down.  But everything else will come from me.  Clayton doesn't have the best paying job, so he doesn't have the extra disposable income to put towards a wedding.  And lets face it, he's done this before and he'd rather just elope and be done with it.  I mean, I was already planning on using my tax return (well putting it in savings until I need it) and it will be a decent amount.

Why I'm so worried, I don't know.  I've always been fiscally responsible, and I just know I don't want to have to use my credit card for any of it. Starting a marriage off with unneeded debt wouldn't be a good idea. 

Tonight I'm going to sit down and figure out a budget that I can live with, and if it means making cuts somewhere, I'll do it.

For anyone that has actually read all of this, kudos to you.  I promise my next post won't be so word vomit-ty :)


Scale Tales Monday

-0.6 (257.4)
Total since recommitting on 12/27/11: -2.8

I love seeing those negative numbers!! 

After today I will have 2 full weeks of tracking my food and everything completely! Score!

Now I'm off to Farmville to take my sister back to school.


Rainy Day

I hate rainy days, especially in winter. If it is 36 degrees, it should be snowing.

After today, I will have tracked my food, activity and GHG's for 1 whole week! That is huge for me!

Today looks a little like this:

B: 2 eggs, 2 turkey sausage links (6 pp)
S: greek yogurt (4 pp)
L: salad (with some toppings), chili (10 pp)
S: orange and string cheese (1 pp)
D: not sure yet, but I have 19 pp left.
Beverage: lots of water
Activity: DVD at home

Scale Tales Monday

258. Exact same as last week. Which is fine with me. I ate out a couple times this weekend, so I'm very happy with a maintaining number this week.


Almost the weekend!

This is day three of tracking everything that goes into my mouth!  Last nights dinner wasn't fully accurate, because I didn't cook it, but I guessed and threw in a few extras to cover myself.

Speaking of last nights dinner, it was good. pasta with a chicken/sour cream/cream cheese mixture.  Well it was good until I was up at midnight with the worst stomach ache among other problems I won't mention...My guess is wayyy too much dairy.

Today's menu has looked like this
B: 2 chocolate chip muffins (nutritious, I know) (9pp) (also didn't keep me full at all, and I was ravenous by 10 am)
S: Chex Mix snack bar (3 pp)
L: Grilled Shrimp and Cauliflower w/cheese (7pp)
S: Fiber One brownie (2pp)
D: Ribeye steak (8pp), some veggies (pp unknown), glass of wine (4 pp)
Beverages: lots of water, so far I've had about 64 oz before dinner

That is leaving me 7 pp for the rest of dinner and considering I estimated the steak, I think I'm covered.

My snacks weren't great today, but I left the fruit at home I had planned to bring. I also need to go shopping for produce like crazy. I think I'll do that tomorrow.

Tonight, I'm going to get my workout on. I need to get into a routine again!


Meal Plan

So here is what my day looks like
B: 2 packets of maple and brown sugar oatmeal (8pp) (if I don't have a big enough breakfast I'm ravenous throughout the day, hence the 2 packs)
S: ?
L: 1 can of Progresso Chicken and Dumpling soup (4 pp) and 1 peanut butter sandwich (7pp)
S: ?
D: Unsure as my future brother in law is cooking dinner tonight, but I still have 21 pp's to play with.

I have no idea what I'll want to snack on--so technically after snacks I'll have around 18 pp's for dinner.

In other news, the fire department is now occupying our office building.  This morning all of a sudden, I smelt something burning.  The owner of the office next door came offer and told us they had called the fire department, as they actually had smoke coming out of their heat vents.  Now I'm suffering with nausia and can feel a headache coming on big time. 


New Year, New Goals

I hate resolutions.  So for the first time in my life, I don't have any. I've never kept them anyway.

So this year, I have goals instead.

1. Health first: I'm going to really stick to my WLJ.  I have a number in mind that I'd like to get to by the end of the year, but I'm going to keep it to myself for now.  But I do have it written down.  I've renewed my Weight Watchers membership, and I'm ready to do this.
2. Get in an exercise routine.  My first goal is going to be 3 days a week.  I'll increase as I get into it more.  But I don't want to burn myself out too soon.
3. Plan my wedding. Pretty self explainatory.  We haven't set a date yet, but I'm thinking probably October or November.
4. Pay off my credit card and get a decent amount in savings.
5. Get a new job.  This has been a goal for the last 1.5 years now.  I'm going to up the job search and re-vamp my resume, and I will get a new job this year.

A Look Back

A lot happened in 2011.

I met and am now engaged to this guy

We took a mini vacation to the Smokies and caught a glimpse of this fuzzy guy

We took a camping trip, where it was about 40 degrees at the top of Whitetop, VA in August.  And I had a breakdown.


I bred my first Whippet litter, and the puppies are looking promising.
I had to make a very hard decision about Blake.
I had lots of happy times but a fair share amount of sad ones.

Overall, it was a good year.

Scale Tales Monday

-2.2 (258)

Last Monday, after having gained for 3 weeks, I decided to re-sign up for Weight Watchers.  I tracked most of the week, got in a couple days of exercise, and it totally paid off!