Black Bean Brownies

I was so sceptical of mixing pureed black beans with brownie mix and it still tasting like a brownie.  But it does!  They came out very moist, and no one in the family could tell that it wasn't made the conventional way. 

Sorry for the crappy picture quality, it does not do these brownies any justice.

I took the recipe from skinnytaste.  You have to try these for yourself!
WW p+: 4 per serving (could change depending on servings you use and brands)
Servings made: 17 (I'm horrible at cutting things straight!)

All you need is a 19.5 oz box of brownie mix (I used pillsbury chocolate fudge) and a 15.5 oz can of black beans (I used Hanover).

  • Drain and rinse the beans very well.
  • Add the beans back to the can and fill with water.
  • Puree the beans in the blender.
  • Mix the beans and the brownie mix together.
  • Cook following the directions on the box.

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