The Scale Is My New Friend

At least for today.  After the last couple of weeks with everything going on, then the VT shootings 4th anniversary this past weekend, I definitely didn't do well with eating or working out at all.  I was 99% sure I was going to gain.  Over the weekend I peeked at the scale and it said +7ish, and I didn't figure there was anyway I could turn that big of a gain around, lessen it maybe, but not a complete 180!  But the scale was nice to me this morning and I lost 1.6 again this week.  How did that happen?  I have no idea, but I'm not going to question my new friend!  I'm now 0.2 pounds from getting out of the 240s forever!

This week I really must concentrate on planning around my GHGs and making working out a priority again.  I used everything as an excuse the last couple of weeks, starting with the tornado on the 8th then anniversary last Saturday, to just not make it a priority.  That changes now.  Off to do 30DS before work!


A week later

It's hard to believe it has been a week since the tornados hit.  Clean-up is going well. Dad got all of the crap out of the yard yesterday, and the fence down that couldn't be salvaged.  Today he and a friend is cutting what is left of the tree down. 

Total damage on my car...$1,400.  Dad's truck...$2300.  I'm taking my car in next week.  There is no way I'm leaving my new car with blemishes! 

This weekend is going to be hard. Tomorrow is the 4th anniversary of the shootings at VT.  I miss Emily so much.  It was bad enough that it happened, but after I found out I knew someone it was like being hit with a ton of bricks.  I'll never forget that feeling, or being bombarded with calls from news agencies in the middle of the night, just because I knew someone.

I'm taking Blake tomorrow to meet a friend that is going to take him to the show next weekend in MD and to DCA, since I'm not going now.  Which is sad in itself, but I have to be here right now.  I can't thank John enough though for making arrangements to get Blake shown at DCA.  My dog family has definitely been unsung hero's in the last week! 

And I was down 1.6 lbs this week!!  I'm almost out of another decade!


Definitely NOT how I wanted to spend my weekend!

I left work Friday it a wonderful mood.  I was taking Blake to a show on Saturday. Went home to switch vehicles to put gas into the dog van, get my check deposited and then lounge at home.  I went home, groomed Blake up a little.  Had grilled steaks (a t-bone!) with dad.  All of this was over about 6:30 or so.  I had just got a new movie from netflix that we were going to sit down and enjoy since mom was still out of town.  So I started letting the dogs in and out again.  I got Blake and Marin in about 7:25 then went to sit with dad on the front porch (he was watching it storm a little).  Lexi (the neighbors daughter) was standing on the porch with us, as they had just gotten home from her basketball game and she was waiting for her mom to unlock the door. 

The sky was weird.  It was a yellowish-green color.  The clouds started moving in.  But not like usual.  They were rotating in, not just moving.  In the distance we could hear the rain and wind.  The wind was loud.  As it got closer it was really loud.  It sounded like a train crash.  Then there was a huge crack of thunder, Lexi ran home and me and dad ran inside.  By the time we closed the door and looked out the living room window the dogwood tree in our front yard had blown over, roots and all.  We ran to the basement.  We were in there maybe 60 seconds and it was over.  We came back upstairs.  It was about 7:40 at that time.  We looked out the kitchen window, and there was devastation.  Everywhere.  We went to the back porch. Winds were calm, just rain.  There was a shed in the lot above our house, it wasn't there anymore.  The debris from it was in our yard and the neighbors hard.  Our huge wheeping willow tree that was hundreds of years old, basically cut in half.  As with the pines down the alley behind the house. 

A tornado hit. Pulaski, VA of all places.  We're entramped by mountains all around.  This doesn't happen here. But it did.  The NWS said that it hit Pulaski at 7:33, which makes sense based on my timeline.  I had just barely gotten the dogs in.  It happened too fast to be scared.  Another tornado hit about 3 miles from my house in Draper at 7:37 pm.  I know that I don't want to live it again.  I watched 2 neighbors over the weekend have to move all of their belongings out in the matter of hours. 

We suffered roof, chimney and siding damage.  Our fence is almost all destroyed.  We got off luckier than some.

It is complete devastation here.  I've lived in the same house for 20 years and this place will never be the same.


What a week...

This has been the week from hell for the most part.
-I didn't get the job that I wanted in NC.  That was a huge bummer because I really wanted it, but apparently my goals didn't match what they wanted. 
-My current job is still sucking the life out of me.  It was bad this week.  I had to use a vacation day yesterday because I was going to blow up on someone, and I can't afford to get fired.
-My bosses are douches.  Period.  I'm tired of the age discrimination that is going on here.  I am the youngest person in the office by about 25 years and they treat me like I'm stupid and can't do anything.  I don't know how many times I've been tempted this week to say screw this and apply at walmart.  I don't know how much more I can take before I go off the deep end.  This job is making me miserable.  If you know me in person, you know this just by being around me.  If you don't, you know me by my rants on here or the WW boards :)

On a good note, Blake is more trained than he was a week ago!  Tomorrow we're going to Charlotte to a show for some practice (he isn't entered). 

I was down .2 this week, which I will take since TOM hit hard this week.  That hasn't helped with my mood this week either! 

Sunday will be dedicated to job searching/enjoying the 80 degree weather we are going to be having!


April Already?

It really is hard to believe April is already here! 

Today, 5 years ago, I got my first speeding ticket.  Too bad it wasn't an April Fools prank!  Still being on my parents insurance at the time and driving their cars, I was scared to go home.  And getting the ticket less than a mile from my house didn't help any either! 

Today, 7 years ago, my best friend was born. 

Marlin was definitely my best friend.  I wish he were here today to celebrate his birthday--he would definitely get a plain hamburger from McDonald's!  It is definitely a hard day--in the year and a half he has been gone, there isn't a day that goes by that he doesn't enter my thoughts at some point, and it surely hasn't gotten any easier!

Now with all of the emotional stuff today, I must be mindful of what goes into my mouth.  I used to turn to chocolate for comfort and I haven't done that in a long time, so I can't afford to do it now.  I have also decided to come up with some goals for April.  I think by putting them here and checking in, it will definitely keep me more accountable!
  1. Stay on a $50/week grocery budget.  I do still live at home, but I help my parents out by buying some of my own things--lunch things, produce, bread (they hate whole wheat bread), milk (again they hate skim milk), etc.  I've been spending way too much lately and need to scale back some!
  2. Start C25K.  I tried it before and it was a huge fail.  I've built up my endurance some, so hopefully I won't fail again!
  3. Do some kind of work out (other than C25K) at least 4 times a week.  I've been slacking here lately.
  4. Get Blake more trained for DCA.  He is trained, he just still has to learn how to exert his exuberant energy in an effect way in the ring!
  5. Keep staying on the WW wagon.  I've been doing really good, especially the last couple weeks of staying within my points, etc, so I've just gotta keep it up!
So at the beginning of next month, I will check in and see how I've met these goals.  Of course I'll update throughout the month, too!  What are you're goals for April?