About Me

I've struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember.  Middle school, high school, college.  I don't really remember my weights or clothing sizes, except a couple years.  My freshman year in high school, I was 175 lbs.  I remember that from when in PE they had to check your weight and height and all that jazz.  I weighed 228 my sophomore year in college.  I pretty much stayed right around there until I graduated. 

Then came real life. I got a job, that I originally liked. Then it became a chore to go to every day, and the stress was eating me.  That basically brings me to now.  My highest weight was 265.

I never used to think I ate that poorly.  I've always liked water, fruits and veggies.  But I literally could eat my weight in them.  So I'm working on teaching myself portion control and paying attention to hunger signals. 

I know that I'll get it together, and be the happy, healthy person I want to be.  If you have any questions or ever want to just shoot an email, I'm more than happy to talk about my journey and how I'm figuring things out.

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