Day two of dragging myself out of bed a little early to get in a morning workout was a success.  It was kinda chilly this morning (20's) so I opted for a workout DVD--The Biggest Loser Cardio Max.  I just bought it a couple weeks ago, so this was my first go at it, and I loved it.  It pushed me, but it wasn't so difficult I couldn't finish it or had to quit and take a break.  I definitely recommend it.  I'm either going to hit up the gym or go walking this evening after work.  I'm totally loving the new found motivation in the last week. Let's hope it continues!

And I have an interview Saturday!  It's for a financial rep at a very large car lot, so I'm super excited. But like always I can't get my hopes up. I've done that way too much in the past year. 

Here's to hoping the week continues to get better!

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