I have been so freaking emotional this week. I hate when I'm like this. Wanting to cry for no apparent reason. Although now I think I know where a small part could be coming from.

1. I'm about 2 weeks away from what would have been my wedding day. No I don't regret calling it off. I know the right decision was made, but it is still a little sad.
2. A co-worker informed me that she chose her wedding venue...the fucking same place I was going to be using. It probably shouldn't, but it upset me a little, especially this close to the would be wedding day.

I want to calm my emotions with chocolate and wine. But I'm not going to let myself. I know that it won't help anything in the long run, because then I'll get angry and sad when I gain on Monday. It's hard to not break into the candy dish full of hershey kisses, but I'm avoiding the lobby like crazy. I will get through this slump without having a gain to go along with it. I will. I promise.


Scale Tales


I'm glad I saw a decent loss. I needed it. My guess is that I've gained it back in the form of chocolate that I've eaten this week. I'm so self-destructive, but that story is for another day. I hate that I let my emotions get the best of me some days.

Tonight is my last night of class until I start working towards my MBA in January. I'm going to use the next three months to concentrate on me. I'm going to go to more dog shows. I'm going to start working out again (I have been a total failure the last couple weeks). I think i'm going to give journaling a try, to get my emotions out of my head.



I received my acceptance letter for Averett University's MBA program today! I'm beyond excited! Two years ago when I graduated with my undergrad degree from VT, I never imagined going back for my MBA. Thanks to some wonderful advice I received from wonderful people, I applied. I'm so excited to see what opportunities are ahead of me!


Scale Tales


I pretty much expected a gain. Last week wasn't good eating wise, and since Friday, all but two meals were eaten out. And it is TOM. So pretty much expected.

I did get in some activity this weekend. Nice having a best friend who is active! Saturday we went window shopping, which included walking around the perimeter of their mall. Then we went to the zoo, which wasn't huge, but ended up walking it twice. Her son slept through our first walk through, and he woke up when we were getting ready to leave. Then we went on another walk-about 1.5 miles or so that evening. It was very nice, and the weather was perfect for being outdoors.

I am going to work on a plan to really get back on track today. Next week, there will be a loss!



It has been way too long since I have seen her!

And her baby is adorable, and it is the first time I've met him. I'm going to steal him.

And can I just say how being around babies makes my uterus want one. Blah.


Road Trip!

This coming weekend will be another busy one. I'm leaving Friday morning and driving 7 hours to Delaware to visit my best friend. I haven't seen her in two years-when I graduated from VT. So a visit is very long overdue. She's one of those that no matter how little we actually see each other, we pick right back up where we left off. She also had a gorgeous baby boy last December that I need to meet!


Scale Tales

Not too surprised.

Weekend full of being busy=a few meals out.  Today started a new week, so I'm moving on.  Friday I drove 6 hours round trip to pick up my sister. Saturday we had a friends wedding-thankfully the rain held off during the ceremony! After the wedding I drove 3 hours to take my sister back to school, stayed with her Saturday night. Sunday started early with leaving Farmville at 8am, meeting my study group, then finally getting back home around 2pm. To say it was a whirlwind is an understatement!

The wedding was wonderful, held at the bride's (Sarah) house (on a farm). They exchanged vows on her front porch, which was very mch farmhouse like. Her favors were brown paper bags full of old type candy, held closed with clothespins. She had gorgeous wild flower bouquets. They are now off to the Bahama's (and I'm totally jealous). Congrats to the newlyweds!

Exchanging Vows

Mr. and Mrs. Fowler!


Brides Against Breast Cancer

For a few weeks now, I had been trying to figure out exactly what I was going to do with my wedding dress and flowers that had been purchased well before calling off the wedding. I had remembered hearing someone talking about donating it, so a simple google search brought me to Brides Against Breast Cancer.

They sell the donated dresses they receive at very discounted prices for cancer survivors/current cancer patients. I knew that would be the perfect cause to help.  So I sent them an email asking if they could use the silk flowers (bridal bouquet, toss-away, 3 bridesmaids bouquets, grooms bout, 4 groomsmen bouts, and 4 coursages).  And they can! They said that anything wedding related they can sell at their events.

So I am going to donate both my dress and flowers. I feel so great about the decision. Breast cancer is something that is close to my heart. Almost all of the women on my mom's side, including my 21 year on sister have had cancer or pre-cancerous tumors removed from their breasts. I remember the fear we all had when my sisters was removed (which came back pre-cancerous).  I can't think of a better way to give other brides something they can truly be able to enjoy.  If anything like me, I know the lucky woman that chooses the dress and/or flowers will love them!


September Goals

I didn't make any formal goals for August. But I'm back for September.  August wasn't a great month. It was ok, but nothing great. I want to make September great!

1. 15 Workouts.  I'm at 2 after my dog show over the weekend.
2. Track everything. I took the last two weeks of August off from tracking. Mentally, I just needed the break. But I'm going to start tracking again.
3. Lose 5 lbs. I'm at -1.4 after today (starting with my WI from August 27th). I want to get out of the 250's this month, once and for all.

I'll check in with my goals weekly with my WI post on Mondays!

Scale Tales


I was so excited! Usually I gain after a dog show weekend, but I didn't this time. I had a good week eating wise and got in some activity. I was mindful of portions. We went out for breakfast yesterday and I chose a veggie omlet, side of fruit and wheat bread, while the two people I was with got pancakes, sausage and eggs. I was proud of myself, because who doesn't love waffles or pancakes!

I'm ready to get this week and month started!

I'll be back later with a couple of September goals.