Weddings and such

So with all this wedding talk lately, I've slowly become obsessed...

A few posts ago, I posted about possibly doing an elopment ceremony.  You can read about it here.  Well I've changed my mind (big surprise there).

I've decided I have to have my family and close friends there. It will be smallish and intimate, but they will be there. I had told my parents about the elopement thing, and were fine (that is what they did), but last night when I told them I changed my mind, I could see their eyes light up :)

I'm thinking of trying to find a really cute B&B that would also cater for the reception, so there would only be one location. 

Granted, I still don't have a ring, but I know it's coming, so it is ok to think about the future. Right?

Money is tight lately, thanks to Christmas. I may cancel my WW membership until after the holidays. I could definitely use the refund that I would be getting, even if it is only $30. haha. Decisions, decisions. If I do, I'll still WI like normal, etc. And hopefully at least maintain through the holidays.  We will see...


  1. That is so very exciting!!! :)

    And you need to do what's best for you as far as your WW subscription. If that means canceling & continuing on your own until funds are better then so be it. That's the road I'm traveling.

  2. I don't know why I'm so in wedding mode lately, especially without some bling on my finger. haha. But I'm seriously excited.

    Also decided to try it on my own until I get some other debts paid off, etc.