So I was just sitting here making a list of people and gifts I'm giving this year. I only have to buy 2 more material items, and baking stuff (I'm giving baked goods as a part of everyones gifts).  I realized this is the first time ever that I've had a boyfriends parents on my list. Ahh! It makes me excited! 

In other news, boyfriend told me last night that he planned to talk to my parents very soon :)  One of my wishes, as traditional as it may be, was for him to include my parents in thte engagement process.  Not necessarily ask for permission (we aren't that traditional), but to include them in his plan.  He agreed. So something shiny could be in my future :)

Ugh, back to work :(

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  1. Um.. super duper exciting news!!! Why did you not inform me of this earlier??

    And how does one join this pinterest site?