For the first time in about a year, I'm excited about dogs again.  Don't get me wrong, I love the Blakester to death, but my luck hasn't been grand.

First was Brooke--whose front ended up doing weird things when she moved.
Second was Parker--who had an attitude problem and went back to the breeder.
Now there is Blakester--who I'm hoping gets over his attitude problem.

But, I'm not giving up on the Blakester yet.  I still am holding onto a little hope!

That is a lot of heartbreak on top of losing Marlin as such a young dog and having Bear get the infection in his eye. 

I never thought I'd say it, but I'm really excited about our current Whippet litter.  Like really excited.  So excited, that if there are a couple of really nice puppies, I'm thinking of keeping one for myself. 

Either way, mom has decided to hire me for the next couple of years to show the puppy she keeps out of this litter.  This includes the Whippet National in 2013...in Oregon.

Now a sensible person would hop a plane and fly...not us.  Right now we are thinking we will drive. I mean, we'll need crates and dog stuff, cooler, etc.  And it will be nice to not have to rent a vehicle, especially if we take multiple dogs.  And it would be such a pretty drive.  So I mapquested....2700 miles and about 42 hours.  So we could drive it in three days, show, then drive back.  I've never been further west than Illinois, so I'm excited :) 

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  1. So exciting!!

    I'm glad you're getting excited about dogs again. :)