Over Analyzing Shit.

That is something I do, and need to learn how to stop it.

Yesterday, me and boyfriend had our first arguement of sorts.  Last Friday I showed him the idea for a possible wedding that I told you about here.  To me, he didn't seem as excited as I would have expected.  I sort of let it go.  Yesterday I asked him what he visioned for that day, and he said anything from a church wedding to a gathering at a courthouse.  I took that as he wanted guests there.  Which would match up with his lack of excitement.  So, I said something about how he reacted last Friday.  He said that he liked that idea, too.  I felt like he was just trying to tell me what he thought I wanted to hear.

To make a long story short, we had a small arguement, about something stupid too.  We didn't talk all day.  We were talking yesterday evening, and everything seemed fine.

But I texted him when I was going to bed the usual "I'm heading to bed, sweet dreams, goodnight. I love you". His is usually the same or longer, but all I got was "goodnight, love you".

He always leaves me a voicemail to wake up to, and it didn't seem the same either this morning. 

^^See, I always over analyze crap. And I need to stop....

In other news, we lost a puppy yesterday.  She was the smallest, and was losing weight.  There was nothing wrong with her that could be seen, but it had to be something internal.  She was always cold, no matter what we did to warm her up, and she nursed, and we tube fed her for a day, but she still didn't make it.  Nature can be cruel sometimes.  But at least we have 8 healthy puppies and a healthy momma!

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  1. Stop over thinking things!!

    I say that but I do the same thing.

    And very sad news about the puppy. :(
    - Jordan