Big Decisions

I've never been great at making big decisions. Ever.  That is no lie or secret. 

So, Blake doesn't seem to be doing wonderfully with his training with his co-breeder.  He apparently has decided he loves obedience, but still doesn't like having strangers come up and touch him (like he has to tolerate at shows).  The point is that I've, in the next couple months, need to make a decision on Blake.  Don't get me wrong, I love him dearly, and he is great with "his people", but not so much strangers.  But looking into the future, I know that me and boyfriend will get married, possibly by this time next year, which means I would have a step-son.  He is 3 now. I worry about Blake with a toddler unless something drastically changes in his attitude.  I'm going to have to make a decision, and it scares me to make the wrong one. No, I'm not making it today, but I will have to within the next few months.

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