A Special Birthday

Today is this guys 3rd birthday!

This is Bear.  He was my first bred-by Great Dane. 

If he thought he could fit on my lap today, he'd surely try! 

He is big and goofy, and to this day still loves to jump.

He was a good showdog, too!

Bear is one of those dogs that really helped me.  He was the dog that helped me get through some very rough times, including Marlin (the Dalmatian) passing away.  If it weren't for Bear, I'm honestly not sure I'd still be showing dogs today.  That is the truth.

He received a huge 5 point major from the bred-by class at just 8 months old (my first major on a dane).  And from there he picked up another 6 points, including 1 more major by the time he was a year old.  Sadly, right after his first birthday, he scratched his eye and got an infection, ending his very short show career, before he could finish his championship.

He now enjoys spending his time with his favorite people at home :)

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