I've decided that my job is going to kill me one day. From stress. My blood pressure is going to go sky high one day, and I'm going to kill over.

I seriously should not have to worry about if I'm going to get my check on payday or not; or if it is going to bounce.  I'm tired of this. 

I didn't get my check today. I have 2 bills totalling $400 due next week.  My bank won't try to cash it until next Friday, since it won't go in until Monday now.  It will take a whole hell of a lot for me not to quit if it bounces on top of not getting it when I'm supposed to.  He's pushing me towards a complaint with the labor board.  It is a law we are supposed to get checks on payday, not after, but on the scheduled payday.  This isn't the first time it's happened. So much for my stress free weekend. 

I need a new job.

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