An update...

To the paycheck fiasco. 

Boss left me a check on my desk last night (I called him to let him know it bounced while he was still at the office) out of his personal account.  What he doesn't realize is that since he wrote it out of his account with our firm (I work in financial planning), I can see all client accounts, including his.  So this morning I check it....zero cash balance (everything is invested).  He has overdraft protection, but he's used up all of it but about $400, which won't cover my check.  But since I used savings/mom gave me a little to cover the bills I already had scheduled that came out last night, I went ahead and deposited it.  I'm 90% sure it will bounce too.  I'm beyond pissed.  And if it does bounce, he will wish he'd never had the pleasure of meeting me.  He will see a side of Heather that only a couple people have ever seen before.  Glad I don't have a doctors appointment anytime soon, because I'm sure my blood pressure is out of the roof!

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