And I was right

Check number two bounced. I'm so over this whole job and situation. 

So I send bossman an email, basically saying I need this fixed asap.  And that I wasn't going to go to the other office to work Monday (some kind of training, but the other office is almost 2 hours away...)

He responds back that his accounts were fine (both bounced for insuffiiecnt funds) and that if I chose not to go to the other office, it was my choice, but to remember that the consequences were also my doing.  So I take that as a threat to fire me. DON'T THREATEN ME. It isn't my fault that you can't write a good check if your life depended on it.  So close to saying eff you and packing up my office on Monday morning.  Also tempted to going to get a temp job at a grocery store or something.  At least then I would know I'd get a paycheck, and it wouldn't bounce.

I've applied for about 5 jobs today, that included extending my job span to where I'd be driving about an hour and a half...but at this point if the salary was good enough, it'd be worth it to get out of the hell hole I currently am in....

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