I'm getting desperate

For a new job that is.  I've been looking for a new job for about a year now.  I've only gotten a handful of interviews, and obviously, no new job.  ))economy((

Now to add to my list of reasons for needing a new job....

My paycheck bounced.  I mean really??  I work for a financial advisor that can't manage his own finances.  I already had bills scheduled to go out, including my student loan (and I don't think writing bad checks to the government would be very good).  So I had to scramble last night to transfer money from my savings to cover the debits that were already pending on my account, so I wouldn't be included in the group of people that writes bad checks (although all mine are paid online, and not by a paper check).

I'm furious.  All I know is that he better have money in my hand by 5 pm today, or I'm liable to snap.

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