A Difference

Since my multiple breakdowns last week, I've seen a difference. A real difference. 

  • I'm paying attention to if I'm really hungry or not.
  • I'm paying attention to the GHG's.
  • I've actually gotten an adequate amount of water in, partial thanks given to the bladder infection I had.
  • I've actually planned out meals.
  • Yesterday was mom's birthday.  I made her a carrot cake (sheet cake, not layered) and I pre-cut it into 24 peices, instead of the normal 12 or 16 I usually do.  I did however, get some remarks from my dad about how small they were.  Then eat two.<<--that's what I told him.  Having small peices helps me, because I know I'm gonna want some, and 1/24th of the cake is plenty to satisfy my craving for a peice of cake!
And I was down 2.8 this week. 

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