So over the last year or so, I've managed to rack up a decent credit card balance between two cards.  At the beginning of September it was about a total of $2,400 (both were about $1,200 each).

I made a promise to myself that I'd get them paid off asap (one by November-ish, and the second by tax time--and I do my taxes in February). 

Just in the month of September, I paid $500 on one of them, or 41.667% on that card, and 20.833% of my total balance.  The new total is about $735. My goal is to pay $300 on it in October (hopefully more, but with the pigeon forge trip I want to have plenty of cash, so I DON'T use a credit card), and pay the remainder in November, which would put me at meeting the first goal!  Then I can put everything I'm paying on this one, and add it to what I'm paying on the other one (small monthly amounts right now) and get the second one paid off hopefully by the end of January.

I want to be revolving debt free within the next 4 or so months.  Then that will leave car payment (which I'll start paying extra on) and my student loans.  Then regular bills, including adding more to savings. 

Figuring this stuff up today made me extremely happy and proud of myself!

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