What a week!


I ended up being awake about 22 hours yesterday. Sadly I ended up at the emergency vet about 10pm with Spin. I went to let him outside around 9 for the last time and he couldn't pee. He was hunching his back and definitely wasn't himself. Having had Dalmatians for about 12 years, I knew he was blocked. Mom agreed with me so off to the emergency clinic we went.

A little backstory. Dals are the only breed to have an automatic high uric acid concentration, which can lead to urate stones. Not all will form stones or block, but blocking has a higher occurrence in males because of the narrow urethra.

Until last night, we had never had a dog block. Spin ended up having emergency surgery around 2 am. One incision at the penis to get the blocked stone out and then another at his bladder to clean it out, as he had a ton more stones.

He was in obvious pain and discomfort last night and I hated seeing him like that. He will now be on a special diet and medicine.

I'll just be glad when he gets to come home in a few days! I miss his antics and talkative ways (he loves to carry on conversations with his people)!

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