Struggle Train

I have never hid the fact on this blog that I have a mental struggle with food. Some days/weeks/months are better than others. This week hasn't been great. Not the worst, but definitely not great. I eat out of boredom or frustration or sadness.

I'm not sure what I want out of this post, but a lot of people around me are struggling lately. I see it daily on the boards and hear it from some friends in real life. I guess I just wanted to make sure they know they aren't alone. While everyones weight loss journey is different, they are partially the same. And at any given moment there is probably someone that can relate (not identically) to what you're going through.

Some boardies have talked about, and I've read great reviews about the Beck Diet Solution. I think I'm going to head to Barnes and Noble this weekend (or try to) and get it..or just order it on amazon. It is supposed to really work with your cognitive behaviors to aid in weight loss. If I get it, I'll be sure to give it a review on the blog.


A few people have asked how the new workouts are going. And they are going great. So far I'm staying motivated. On the calendar for tonight is a full body stability workout.  I like them because they are between 20 and 30 minutes long, easy to do at home, and she plans your workouts to use the equipment that you have.  I don't have much in the way of gym equipment at home. I have a stability ball, set of dumbells and a resistance band.  That's it. But Courtney created a complete workout for me using those things and body weight exercises. I totally love them!

I'm looking forward to seeing my progress at the end of the 4 weeks. I took my measurements, which I need to post, but that paper is at home, and will use Monday's WI as my start weight (since I started on Monday and all). I'll try to remember to post those measurements tonight or tomorrow.

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