I've learned a lot about myself over the last few months. Mainly that I'm much stronger than I ever realized.

Yesterday should have been my wedding day. I honestly wasn't sure how I would be feeling emotionally. It was a much easier day than I expected, proving to me how strong I really am. I have definitely had my ups and downs the last few months, but I think I have come out on top. I feel stronger and more confident.

I know a lot of people would have done things differently than I did, but I can, with 120% confidence, say that it was absolutely the right thing to do. Not many people would have been able to make the choice I did to end my relationship and call off my wedding 3 months before the big day. I was told by multiple people that they didn't know if they could have done that. One person in particular told me that what I did took balls. I giggled a little when she told me that.

I am truly much happier now. I'm not worried about doing something to make someone mad all of a sudden. I'm not worried about missing an impromptu family function because I already had plans and making people mad. And I'm not worried about seeing text messages or wondering what someone is doing when hanging out with a certain best girlfriend.

I'm definitely concentrating on me. I start my MBA program in one week. I've started a nice workout regime. And I'm taking time for myself, whether it is window shopping, a nice workout, or dinner with friends, I'm doing things for me. And being able to spend my money on myself is nice again, too!

It feels good to feel in control of myself, both physically and emotionally again.

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