New Workouts

So I mentioned that I have my workouts all planned out for the week in my morning post. And I do! Here is my google calendar for this week! And notice that in addition to today, I'm aiming for 2 more morning workouts, tomorrow and Thursday, a mid-morning on Saturday (maybe be afternoon since I have plans with my sister for the morning) and one after work on Friday.

So what are these workouts I have planned? Last week, I decided to invest in a 4 week personal training plan. If you follow Courntey at Sweet Tooth Sweet Life, you know what I'm talking about. And if you don't follow her blog, you totally should. She is a healthy living blogger and personal trainer and recently started virtual personal training. I've been slacking majorly the last couple months, so I decided to give it a shot. I spent the money, so I'm really going to put effort into this. I'm actually super excited about it. I was definitely sweating this morning after the first workout.

Sorry for the crappy phone pics...

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  1. And how are the new workouts going?? I need to get onto a schedule in a bad way.