Social Issues

The VP debate just finished. I'm glad that one debate finally included a social issue. Especially glad it was on abortion. It is something that is personal to be because I'm a woman. This was my facebook post tonight on the subject.

Here's the thing with abortion. 1. Politicians shouldn't be able to tell me what I do with my body. 2. I'm not catholic (or religious for that matter), and don't believe that life begins at conception. It's called separation between church and state. You can't make policies based on your religious faith, because not everyone believes the same things 3. I wouldn't use abortion as a means for birth control, but if a woman chooses to, it isn't mine or anyone else's place to judge that person. It is her decision. I don't feel like this should be a political platform in 2012. I just don't understand why politicians, mainly republican men, feel like this is ok. Why they feel like women aren't smart enough to make their own decisions baffles me every day. I will always be vocal on this issue, because it is personal. It is personal to every woman in America. I could possibly be about 3 months away from losing the right to make the decisions about my own body, and that is just not ok.

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