September Goals Update

The beginning of September start off great, then my emotions and a lack of motivation hit and I stumbled.  But in keeping up with wanting to be accountable, here are the results.

1. 15 Workouts.  Fail-I hit 13. But on a positive note, I had 13 workouts last week.
2. Track everything. Success! Everything was tracked. The good, the bad and the ugly
3. Lose 5 lbs. Fail. I'm up 0.6 for the month.

I won't lie. Last month was hard. I had a few rough patches, mainly stemming back to emotional eating and binging. But I want to stay accountable. If I knew I had no one to be accountable to (which I can chose not to) the number for this month would have been worse. My guess is that I'll always struggle with my relationship with food. I almost guarantee that to myself. But I'm slowly learning how to deal with it, and I know I have made great strides. Even when I binge, I force myself to track it. That way I can't just "forget about it". I really want to continue making progress with controling the emotional eating in the next few months before I start the MBA program. I know I'll be even more stressed then, so if I can get a handle on it now before I'm even more stressed, then I know that it will be easier to continue on my journey to a healthier me.

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