Scale Tales

Is going to be moving to Wednesdays. Mondays just aren't doing it for me. The weekends is typically when I go out with friends and everything. I did WI this morning, but gained a lot. I know some, if not all, is water weight from meals out this weekend and increasing my workouts this week. But 3 gains in a row have me down today. And this one puts me at my highest weight, ever. So I have changed my WI day in my WW tracker and will weigh again Wednesday morning and have a true Scale Tales post. Mentally, I need to change the day that I WI.


Today I am starting week 2 of my new workouts. Again I have them on my google calendar. Putting them on my calendar has definitely helped me seem to stick with it. It's like a true appointment that I must keep.  This week's workouts are basically same as the first weeks, but with a slightly higher intensity.

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