Scale Tales...

Gah. So disappointed.

I gained yet again. I've gained for like a month straight. I'm so mad at myself. I need to refocus. I'm going to put the scale away for a while--probably for a month or so. I'm going to go back to the basics--tracking, measuring EVERYTHING, etc. I know I've made some good changes, but it deflates me when the scale doesn't agree. I mean, I have clothes that are definitely a little looser. So eff you, scale. You're going to the very back of the closet. You won't see me again until December 1st.

I know it will take a little bit of self control, especially the first week or two, but I need to stop letting the scale dictate my life.

Also, I did buy the Beck Diet Solution book. I started reading it over the weekend, and there have been many "that is exactly what I do/how I feel" moments while reading. I'm starting the actual exercises today.

1 comment:

  1. 1-Go you for working out! I wish I had the motivation to.

    2-What is the Beck Diet?

    3-I think putting the scale away is a good thing. I think we get too focused on the number instead of how we feel.

    4-Go back to the basics! You know this stuff. I think you're having the same problem I had over the summer, just lazy & don't feel like it. So you half ass it.

    5-You SO totally got this! See you Sunday!!