The Story

About 7 months ago I made a prediction here that Clayton was the one. It's something I had never felt more sure of.  As it turns out, for once, my instincts were correct!

Here's the story of Saturday
I got to his house around 12:30. He hadn't been up long, so I sat around while he got ready.  We went to a BBQ place for a late lunch.  He then told me he wanted to drive around, so off we headed.  We got on the parkway just outside of Galax (there is an overlook there that we love), drove about a mile, and there were detour signs. So we had to turn off, and he turned onto another road to get there, but that section of the parkway was closed (this part has meaning, I promise).

He kept saying he was in an 'overlook mood', so we went from NC to another overlook on the Grayson/Wythe border, Comer's Rock.  By this time, it was almost dark, but we made it to the overlook just as the sun went down over the mountain.  It was gorgeous.  The worst part about this overlook, is that it is a steep climb, via stairs, to the top.  It was freezing cold and the trees at the top were completely iced over!  I also tried to get pictures, but my camera was dead :(.  But I was just standing there looking at the view, and he grabbed my hand from behind and slipped the ring on my finger, gave a little speech, and I said yes through the lump in my throat.

His original plan was to do it at the overlook off of the parkway, which is mentioned in the blog linked above.  That is where he first told me he was falling in love with me. 

The night ended with us getting lost and ending up in Smyth county, the driving around looking at Christmas lights. 

It was the perfect day.

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