Hard Decision

Ugh, last night I had to make a decision about Blake. His breeder had him at a show over the weekend, and he was ok until Sunday, and was apparently like a different dog. 

I decided that with a marriage and a step-son in my future, I can't consiously risk Blake being freaked out and hurting someone.  So about 30 minutes ago I mailed all of his papers to his breeder with me signing off as owner.  I wrote a little note and put it in there and was in tears.  It was hard to do.  I love the Blakester, but I know that it wouldn't be fair to him to have to be crated when the kid is at our house.  He is wonderful with his people and I hope that she can get him out of whatever it is that is wrong with him, at least so he can be trusted.

I'll miss you Blakester, but I'm sure I'll see you some!

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