Last Political Post

Ugh, ok. This will be it (until the next stupid remark about women's rights), I promise. I just want to round up my thoughts.

I have unfriended many people on Facebook because of their comments in the past 24 hours. I have seen more racism and hate in the last day than I have in my lifetime. This is not what 2012 should look like.

I honestly don't care who voted for who. I really don't. Just respect the opinion of the other side.

One of my bosses today called the President a negro (but the other word that I refuse to use). I work for racists. Even more reason to up the job hunt.

My other boss made comments about how half of the country relies on welfare and expects to be taken care of. Some of my best friends are single moms. They work their asses off everyday providing shelter and warmth and food for their children. But some of them do need the additional help of food stamps. Believe me when I say that they would rather not have to do that, but they are being good parents and providing for their children.

Enough negativity.

I am very happy with the results. I am very excited for Maine and Maryland that voted for marriage equality! I am very glad that the extremists on women rights, for the most part, lost their House and Senate races!

Here is to four more years. Four years in which I hope that Congress can learn to work together.

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