Back Into a Routine

I usually am never a fan of Mondays. This is intensified for Mondays after a long weekend. I'm struggling to be productive today!

I thoroughly enjoyed my long weekend. It was nice having nothing to worry about. I was lazy and gladly admit to it. I enjoyed spending time with family. It was very low key. Friday, my parents went out for the day (literally). They were gone from about 10 am until about 7 pm. I enjoyed my quiet time! I may have taken two naps on Friday while they were gone. And they were glorious! Saturday my sister and I went out for a mexican lunch and to see Breaking Dawn Part 2. Yes I am still very much a teenage girl when it comes to both the books and movies. I just love them! I have to say, I really liked this movie. I won't give away spoilers in case there are readers that haven't seen it yet (and are planning on it), but Oh.Em.Gee at the ending.

And on Saturday I switched cell providers (read: I joined my mom's family plan) and got an iPhone 5 (what apps do I need)? It will save me about $60 per month (I'll be paying her for my added line). I love that they can keep your original number when you switch now! And yesterday was spent playing catch up on laundry and doing homework for this week.

This is the last week of my current class. my next class is Marketing and it starts next Monday.

And now I need to get back OP. I don't have a relationship with water anymore so I'm reforming that today. Same goes for fruits and veggies. I did step on the scale (I totally failed at that not weighing until December 1st thing, but came close) and it was only up 0.4 on Friday, but my eating wasn't great over the weekend, so we will see what the scale says tomorrow..

Speaking of weigh in's, I did take about 4 weeks off from the scale and it definitely helped. When I stepped on the first time, I was exactly the same as I was in October when I took the break. So I'm ok with that. I didn't gain! I will go back to normal scale tales posts tomorrow with a fresh mind and WI tracker.

How was everyone else's Thanksgiving? Are you struggling as bad as I am at being motivated today?

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