Wedding Planning

Seriously, what did I get myself into?  And I'm only half kidding.  I want to be married to my best friend more than anything, but I also want a really nice wedding to enjoy with my friends and family that isn't going to hurt financially (since I'm paying for it).  Nothing big (looking at less than 50 guests), but nice.

I've spent the last couple weeks looking into venues for the ceremony/reception and photographers, mainly.  I'm not so religious, so I really don't want a church ceremony.  Don't get me wrong, I have my beliefs, but have never really been apart of organized religion. 

Here is my want list
-outdoor ceremony with really nice views for really nice pictures
-the theme in my head is country/rustic chic
-I picture my guests drinking lemonade and tea out of mason jars (or having mason jars as part of the decor)
-a really good photographer. I want to be able to have pictures around our home and be able to remember the day for years and years to come.

Now I've gotten quotes from 4-5 venues that would hold the ceremony and reception.  The smallest quote I've gotten is $1695 (without catering included).  I mean, since it is going to be a fairly small, intimate gathering, I, along with mom and nana, could easily cater it ourselves (would be more like heavy hor'dourves-I'm thinking probably a 2pm ceremony and I'd list that it would be hor'dourves on the invitation, so no one would expect a 4 course meal).  I actually picked that place before I was engaged because 1. it is a farm, so I'd get my country/rustic feel. 2. my reception would be in a barn. 3. the views are amazing.

I haven't emailed any photographers in the area, just getting a feel for average prices online, and for the ones that have a decent amount of samples online, I'm looking at probably $1500-$2000.  A photographer is something I WILL splurge on.  Other than memories, that is the only way I'll be able to relive the day.

Then of course is the other things
-you get my point.

And then of course, a honeymoon.

I mean, I'll do a lot myself in the way of decor for the reception.  I'm feeling I wouldn't need much for the ceremony, because I want something that has a natural beauty to it anyway. 

Now for the delimma, money.  My mom has said they will pay for my dress, so that is one thing down.  But everything else will come from me.  Clayton doesn't have the best paying job, so he doesn't have the extra disposable income to put towards a wedding.  And lets face it, he's done this before and he'd rather just elope and be done with it.  I mean, I was already planning on using my tax return (well putting it in savings until I need it) and it will be a decent amount.

Why I'm so worried, I don't know.  I've always been fiscally responsible, and I just know I don't want to have to use my credit card for any of it. Starting a marriage off with unneeded debt wouldn't be a good idea. 

Tonight I'm going to sit down and figure out a budget that I can live with, and if it means making cuts somewhere, I'll do it.

For anyone that has actually read all of this, kudos to you.  I promise my next post won't be so word vomit-ty :)


  1. It will come together. :)

    Have you set the date? I know I asked you that before but FB chat was screwing up & I have no idea if you replied or not.

    1. Not set in stone yet. I want October 13th (my sister will already be in from school for fall break, so it will save an extra trip). And it is the perfect balance between warm and cold (normally).