Almost the weekend!

This is day three of tracking everything that goes into my mouth!  Last nights dinner wasn't fully accurate, because I didn't cook it, but I guessed and threw in a few extras to cover myself.

Speaking of last nights dinner, it was good. pasta with a chicken/sour cream/cream cheese mixture.  Well it was good until I was up at midnight with the worst stomach ache among other problems I won't mention...My guess is wayyy too much dairy.

Today's menu has looked like this
B: 2 chocolate chip muffins (nutritious, I know) (9pp) (also didn't keep me full at all, and I was ravenous by 10 am)
S: Chex Mix snack bar (3 pp)
L: Grilled Shrimp and Cauliflower w/cheese (7pp)
S: Fiber One brownie (2pp)
D: Ribeye steak (8pp), some veggies (pp unknown), glass of wine (4 pp)
Beverages: lots of water, so far I've had about 64 oz before dinner

That is leaving me 7 pp for the rest of dinner and considering I estimated the steak, I think I'm covered.

My snacks weren't great today, but I left the fruit at home I had planned to bring. I also need to go shopping for produce like crazy. I think I'll do that tomorrow.

Tonight, I'm going to get my workout on. I need to get into a routine again!

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