Meal Plan

So here is what my day looks like
B: 2 packets of maple and brown sugar oatmeal (8pp) (if I don't have a big enough breakfast I'm ravenous throughout the day, hence the 2 packs)
S: ?
L: 1 can of Progresso Chicken and Dumpling soup (4 pp) and 1 peanut butter sandwich (7pp)
S: ?
D: Unsure as my future brother in law is cooking dinner tonight, but I still have 21 pp's to play with.

I have no idea what I'll want to snack on--so technically after snacks I'll have around 18 pp's for dinner.

In other news, the fire department is now occupying our office building.  This morning all of a sudden, I smelt something burning.  The owner of the office next door came offer and told us they had called the fire department, as they actually had smoke coming out of their heat vents.  Now I'm suffering with nausia and can feel a headache coming on big time. 

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