Funk Yesterday

So I was in a ginormous funk yesterday, and I apologize for that really long, sad post yesterday.  Granted it wasn't really sad, just funk-y?  I was horrible yesterday, and so emotional and on the verge of tears all day.  Ya know that lump in your throat you get if you're about to cry, but trying not to?  I had it all.day.long.

But today, I'm better.  I did create a budget last night.  First thing is to pay off my credit card, which I will do with part of my tax refund.  The rest of it will go into savings.  Then everything I've been paying on my credit card (400-500/mo) will go into savings. 

I definitely blew the wedding cost thing out of proportion yesterday (I apologize again, haha).  If I can get $450 (at least) into savings every month, starting in February, then by October (hopeful wedding date is the 13th) I'll have $3,600 (not including what is there now and the tax refund).  The two big purchases on my shoulder will be venue and photographer.  I already knew this wedding wasn't going to be out of the water expensive, and now I've become comfortable splurging a little for my big day.  Whew.  I feel better :)  If anyone in the area has photographer recommendations, send 'em my way!

In other news, Sunday will mark 3 full weeks of tracking!  They say it takes 21 days to make a habit, so hopefully it's a good sign!  This weekend I'll come up with another mini goal to concentrate on for 3 weeks.  Probably exercise related, but I'm not sure yet.

Now to make myself do some work.  It's so hard staying motivated when you don't like your job...

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  1. About time I found out the date!! And you can set up a beautiful wedding around that time of year & with that budget.

    And since cake is NOT 0pts I've decided that Wade's cake will be my splurge this weekend. Either chocolate or red velvet. Om nom nom nom.

    And I am completely in favor for a mini goal of exercise! I'm shooting for 14APs this week. :) Only 4 more to go!