I have been so freaking emotional this week. I hate when I'm like this. Wanting to cry for no apparent reason. Although now I think I know where a small part could be coming from.

1. I'm about 2 weeks away from what would have been my wedding day. No I don't regret calling it off. I know the right decision was made, but it is still a little sad.
2. A co-worker informed me that she chose her wedding venue...the fucking same place I was going to be using. It probably shouldn't, but it upset me a little, especially this close to the would be wedding day.

I want to calm my emotions with chocolate and wine. But I'm not going to let myself. I know that it won't help anything in the long run, because then I'll get angry and sad when I gain on Monday. It's hard to not break into the candy dish full of hershey kisses, but I'm avoiding the lobby like crazy. I will get through this slump without having a gain to go along with it. I will. I promise.

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