Weekend Recap

This was one of the best weekends I've had in a while.  Clayton and I had a picnic on Saturday.  We went to a small overlook on the parkway and spent about 2 hours.  It was wonderful.  We just sat and talked.  We've decided to do first look pictures before the wedding.  I'm super excited about that. And I have the perfect place at the venue in mind!  We also decided on clothing for the men in the wedding.  Now I need to go bridesmaid dress shopping with my ladies!

Clayton also asked if I'd start staying at his house more during the week.  I wasn't expecting it, because some of his family is very religious, as is he, to a point, so it was out of left field. I was a big fan of this conversation.  It will be very beneficial to our relationship, if we get more used to living together, and me not just staying a few days a month.  So I'll probably start staying some during the week in a couple weeks. I'll have to start moving some of my stuff (like kitchen stuff I've accumulated) because I'll need it.  So come May, I'm sure I'll be there a lot more often.  Granted my commute to work will go from 15 minutes to 55 minutes :(  I need to find a job closer to where I'll be living!  An hour commute each way will not be fun!

Saturday's picnic also brought on my first sunburn, and blisters, of the year. Not cool.  But I'll survive. It already doesnt' hurt as much, but it still pretty red.  Yay for having really pale skin, not.

This was definitely a good weekend.

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