Rough Week

This has been a rough week.  Sunday would have been Marlin's 8th birthday.  For those that don't know, Marlin passed away 2.5 years ago after a very quick battle with juvenille renal failure.  He was my heart dog, and it was devastating to lose him so early in his life.

Marlin, July 2006

Yesterday was our consultation with the vet school about Marin's thyroid tumor.  Unfortunately, the oncologist confirmed what we knew, that it is cancer.  Treatment is hard on dogs. Just like people with cancer.  Where the tumor is, there is no way that the surgeon can get it all, it's too vascular.  Typical treatment would be surgery to get as much as possible then full course of radiation, consisting of 19 straight days of have to be put under anesthesia. <--That is what the American Veterinary Medical Association recommends as treatment.

The vet school recommended surgery, then chemo (no mention of radiation).  There are some weird numbers on the bloodwork associated with her pituitary gland, so it could mean it has spread (which we don't know for sure, and is a factor in if we do treatment or not).  The genius's at the vet school wanted to do surgery, then bloodwork, if the number is still off, THEN do an MRI to see if it has spread. Why not do the MRI before surgery?  That is what common sense tells me to do.  They should want to do all of the diagnostic testing before cutting on her.  I've also heard that the vet school here is very cut happy, even if it isn't in the best interest of the patient.  You think? 

So, while some won't agree, we are probably just going to keep her comfortable until it's her time.  Treatment would make her sick.  And we have no idea  She's had 11 wonderful years and is one of the best dogs someone could ask for. I want her to be herself for her entire life, no matter how short or long it may be.  She won't suffer. The first signs of suffering and we'll have a decision to make.  But that goes for any treatment. I don't want her to suffer through treatments either.

Marin, Summer of 2010

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