What a week!

I'm so glad it is almost over, too!

My job boss almost got the best of me this week. And I hate that.  I'm tired of being unappreciated for the work I do. Don't accuse me of not caring about my job. Don't bitch at me because I leave at 5, or shortly thereafter, everyday.  According to our posted hours, I'm paid to be here from 9-5 Monday -Thursday and 9-1:30 on Friday.  And considering when you gave me that raise in January, my salary is based on an hourly rate for 36.5 hours per week. The part you don't realize is that I'm usually in the office about 8:15 every morning. Well that ended this week. Until I can feel like I'm valued, you will no longer get any "extra" out of me.  I'll come in, do my job, go home.  I'm so over this place. My one wish is to find a job that I like, and I don't even care what I am doing. It's so sad how a single person can make me regret my college major/career aspiration of choice....

This weekend is Clayton's son, Trevor's birthday. He'll be three. Now to figure out what to get him...

I did lose 1.2 this week. This week I've not been great, so I'm not sure how Monday will turn out. But I'm going to do whatever I can this weekend to see a loss on Monday! 

Courtney leaves for school tomorrow. While I'll miss having my little sister around, I'm ready to have quiet in the house again!

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