This Heat...

Is so not my friend.  When I got to work at 8:30 this morning it was already over 80 degrees with 94% humidity (the humidity % has sense gone down a little).  I'm not a fan of summer for this reason.  I should get out of the shower and immediately feel like I need another one. 

But this weekend was so nice.  Clayton got me a dozen roses for no reason at all on Saturday :)  My dad made the comment that he didn't remember anyone ever getting me a dozen of anything, and I may have a keeper. 

One of me and my sisters friends got married Saturday and Clayton was nice enough to go with me.  We had a blast.  He ended up fighting my sisters boyfriend for the garter, and won.  And I have to say he look very nice all dressed up. 

Sunday, I met his dad, step-mom, grandfather (paternal) and an uncle and a couple of cousins.  It is always nice to put faces with names. 

This coming weekend, he is going to his first dog show with me.  Hopefully he won't hate it, but I'll totally understand if it isn't his cup of tea.  It isn't for many people, including my dad and sister.  But I'm glad he is at least trying it out.  And at least this way, he'll be able to understand more when I'm talking about them.  And he'll get to bond with Blake, which is important, because where I go, he goes. 

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