Another Year

Is gone.  I had a great birthday weekend, and I didn't over indulge in sweets! 

I've made a promise to myself that this will be my year, especially for my WLJ.  I know it is just going to be harder to lose the weight as I get older, so I need to do it now. 

My best birthday present was probably an unofficial job offer last Thursday.  The official one will come after my background check, credit check and drug tests are completed (none of which I have a problem with). After actively looking for something else since April 2010, it is a huge relief.  And I'm excited beyond words.  But I guess things could still go wrong, so I'm not showing my excitement until I get an official offer in my hands. 

Clayton met my family this weekend.  We had a cookout at my house for my birthday, so he met my younger sister, her boyfriend, mom, and my grandparents.  Sadly, my dad had to work last minute, so he hasn't met him yet.  But they all loved him.  My papaw never talks to anyone, but he and Clayton seriously had like a 30 minute conversation, that that is huge right there.  Family means a lot to both of us, so it was good that he fit in and everyone likes everyone.  I mean I wouldn't leave him because they didn't like him, or vice versa, but it makes it a lot easier. 

It still is so hard to believe that we've already started talking about the future. I mean I did make it public that he was "the one" after our second date and I still fully believe that.  It is just hard to believe how fast we've progressed. 

Now back to work.  Lots to get done in 3 days before my 5 day weekend!

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