I have a confession....

I've been cheating WW like whoa.  I haven't tracked in like 4 weeks.  And it has definitely shown on the scale.  I never felt as sad as when I did this morning (when it has come to my WLJ) when I stepped on the scale.  Hopefully the scale having the incredibly large number means it is going to be a turning point.  One can hope.  But I have tracked everything that I put in my mouth today.  My goal is to do that daily for 7 days.  Hopefully going by days and not weeks will make me not get overwhelmed.

It is not helping that I miss the boyfriend.  It sucks big time not getting to see him during the week.  And on weekends it is getting harder and harder to go back home.

Ugh, it is just one of those weeks, and I'm not even PMSing....

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