The Future

14 months ago, I graduated college.  Received my BS in the financial planning program at VT.  My plan was to find a job in a fee-only planning firm (because I don't want to sell stuff to make part of my paycheck). 

Fast forward to now. I'm working in a planning firm (have been for over two years now).  But I don't consider it planning at all. It is investment management.  My bosses sell stuff to make money.  And I hate it here.  I haven't been happy for over a year here, and it is progressively getting worse. 

The real problem:  I have no idea what I want to do with my life.  So it is making this job search thing hard.  It also doesn't help that there isn't anything around me hardly.  Sure I could look for something so I could relocate somewhere, but I can't for personal reasons.  Call me dumb, but that is how it is. 

If I could figure out what I wanted to do with my life, that paid well, then I'd be set.  Until I figure that out, I'm just applying for jobs and hoping that I'll like it if I get an opportunity. 

Why can't being a grown-up be easier so everything would just fall into place??


  1. This is why I'm 24 and just now getting my BS in biology then going for my Phd. I have no desire to be done with school in this economy and quite frankly I have no idea what job I'd be happy in. Sucks I know. They always say "Getting what you want isn't as hard as finding out what it is you want".
    On another note, I found you on WW boards and know that for me the hardest thing I've tried to do is consistently lose weight. So on that front, good luck.

  2. Thanks. My weight loss has been a constant battle, and with stress of everything, last week I was within 1.5 lbs of my starting weight. Thankfully I realized that and had a loss this morning. Now to just stay focused. Good luck on with your weight loss too!