Must Get Back On Track!!

I've been a huge WW failure the last couple of months.  Playing around with the same 3 pounds.  But I know I've been cheating, in more ways that one.  When I weighed this morning, I had a small epiphany or one of those Aha moments.  The only way I'm going to be able to succeed in my WLJ is to give 150%, not 50%.  I haven't tracked in about 2 weeks.  I tracked this morning!  Step number one, done!  I've realized I just have to give 100% one day at a time, and I'll be able to do it.

And on to good news.  Things with Clayton are completely amazing.  I have never felt like this about anyone.  Being with him shows me that "true" love is something that is so real.  Sure I've loved before, but nothing like this.  And it happened so fast!  But I always heard that I would know when I found the right person, and I know with him.  I've never pictured the future so much in my entire life.  I've never cried because I was so happy to be with someone before, until now.  We work opposite schedules basically, so we started this thing where he will send me a text before he goes to bed at like 4 am (he works until 2 am) and then I'll call him when I get up and leave him a message when I know he's sleeping.  I got teary leaving him his message this morning.  He's just so incredibly amazing. 

I met his mom last weekend, and I fell in love with her too.  The plan is to meet his son in a week and a half, so that makes me nervous, but I'm excited.  I think just knowing the trust he's putting into me to meet his son makes me love him even more, because I know that is a huge step.  For my birthday in a few weeks, I planned a small family cookout with my sister, parents and grandparents.  He's coming so he gets to meet them all at once.  Hopefully they won't gang up on him too much.

I'm still going with my prediction from date number 2 (which you can read the breakdown of here) that he will be the person I marry. 

Now back to work and concentration on staying OP today and tracking everything!


  1. Wow, so you actually had "the moment" about a man? That's amazing! Congrats on that. :-)

    Also, great job getting bcak on the WW bandwagon! I know that it can be hard to keep on track, but you are absoultely right when you say "100% one day at a time." That's the way to do it!

  2. :) I'm so happy for you & Clayton. I hope things keep going wonderful.

    And I know exactly how you feel about WW! I've been slacking off & playing around with the same 5lbs for a couple months. Time for me to get back to this! We can so do it!